RE: "activity theory" vs. semiotics

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Date: Sat Jan 08 2005 - 07:38:52 PST

Mike, I have a paper (entry for an encyclopedia) that might be of help
with respect to semiotics:

This is a first version, not to be cited or reproduced. The publisher in
question threatens dire consequences! But for what it is worth, have a
look and I would appreciate feedback........djc

Don Cunningham
Indiana University

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Subject: Re: "activity theory" vs. semiotics

Rather than a word count, could anyone help with clarification of the
use of the terms
sign, symbol, and meaning as they relate to activity theory and
semiotics? Progress along this line seems meagre, or at least, my
ability to summarize it is meagre!

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> Not that any of this is serious of course, but with the rules of this
google site when you put in "activity theory", in quotes, you are not
simply combining terms but actually looking for the string "activity
theory" *including* the quotes. Googlefight already combines terms
(look at the URL details of googlefight to see the differences. Quotes
will be encoded as %22)

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