Warnings and none

From: Phil Chappell (philchappell@mac.com)
Date: Tue Jan 04 2005 - 16:27:53 PST

See below for some clear motives on not letting people know they might be washed away. The full story is here:

I can't help being cynical when thinking why, in this day and age when we have satellites bumping into each other, aeroplanes that cost billions which wreak havoc on humanity, "we" can't communicate with each other about a common, old under-water earthquake. Hm.

The Nation (Thailand): December 31, 2004
"One of the four officials in charge of monitoring earthquakes confirmed to me on Monday, just 30 hours after the tsunamis wreaked havoc, that the department was aware of what had happened minutes after the quake struck at 7.58am Bangkok time. The official said that they were discussing the likelihood of a tsunami, but did not issue a warning out of concern for tourism and the department?s own interests.

The important factor in making the decision was that it?s high [tourist] season and hotel rooms were nearly 100-per-cent full. If we had issued a warning, which would have led to an evacuation, [and if nothing happened], what would happen then? Business would be instantaneously affected."

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