Alexei Alexeevitch Leontiev

From: Dot Robbins (
Date: Mon Aug 16 2004 - 17:08:19 PDT

Dear Friends,
Thank you very much for the kind private notes, and your public note,
Jay. I am sorry that I did not clarify the confusion around the
Leontiev family. A. N. Leontiev (1903-1979) worked with Vygotsky. His
son was A. A. Leontiev (1936-2004). and his son is D. A. Leontiev, a
professor of psychology at Moscow State University. Certainly, I will
pass on the notes to the Leontiev family. He was buried today in
Moscow, next to his father. I was told that after he died his face
changed, and that he looked identical to A. N. Leontiev. Future events
are not yet clear, but A. A. Leontiev's wife wants to continue with
some of the events that were planned for his 70th birthday in 2006.
Soon there will be a focus on his life and continuing his work.

Website: His daughter and a Ph.D. student are thinking about a website
in his honor.

Conferences: 1. There will be a memorial for him at the Vygotsky
conference in Moscow in November. 2. Although I am not sure, I believe
there will be a tribute to him at the international Vygotsky
conference in Moscow in November, 2006, celebrating 110 years of
Vygotsky. You will know more about this conference in future. It will
be an international conference. 3. There was supposed to be a
conference for Alexei Alexeevitch in Moscow in January 2006. I heard
today that a professor at MSU wants to have such a conference, but no
one knows when. 4. We were planning a language theory conference in
Finland to celebrate his 70th birthday, but I have not heard about
what will now happen. My thoughts are that it will be in Moscow now,
but I don't know. 5. I am not sure about AILA right now in 2005.
Perhaps we will present something on his life, but it is too early to

Publications: 1. A publisher is interested in a series of books by
Russian psychologists, and certainly one or two books by Alexei
Alexeevitch will be translated for that series. It is not yet decided
what. 2. A book was planned for his 70th birthday, and he stated what
material he wanted to have in that book. It will be something with his
theories of language, none of which has been published in English to
date. 3. The Journal of Russian and East European Psychology was going
to publish that or something on him for his 70th birthday, and have
offered to do it sooner. (The last issues of the Journal of Russian
and East European Psychology is about Russian activity theory, which
is excellent. Also, an issue is soon coming out on L. Bozhovich, and
later there will be an issue on A. N. Leontiev, including the famous
letter from Leontiev to Vygosky, Feb. 5, 1932). So, as you can see,
many things will be happening, and many more in Russia. It is not
clear yet what will happen, as most people around him are simply in
shock. Again, thank you so much for your kindness. When things are
settled, I will give you specific information.


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