RE: elearning and chat

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Thu Aug 12 2004 - 09:49:48 PDT

George- Perhaps Kevin will post the syllabus from prior CHAT class. The
place to start, analytically, is with identification of the genetically
primary examples of the phenomenon you want to teach/learn. If CHAT is the
topic, what is this generative core example? Many will have views on this.
I would start with joint mediated activity, perhaps decomposing to have
mediation as the starting point.

The "stand alone" part of your vision is perhaps a conceptual error. Curricula
are mediational artifacts. Whose/what activity are they mediating and why
would you ever expect them to stand alone. And if they are part of a larger
curriculum, the same question has be to be asked again.

keep us informed of your progress.

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