RE: social relations and mediation

From: Carol Macdonald (
Date: Thu Aug 05 2004 - 08:59:59 PDT

Ana wrote:

So I can only add to the three-way relationships you started to enumerate:
Person-artifact- another person (community);
Person -another person - object;
Person - tool/symbol - object;
Person - tool/symbol - another person (community);
Person - roles - another person (community);
Person - rules - another person (community);
Person - tools/symbols - roles ;

          for me, another perspective, i would emphasize the Person - rules
- another person (community) aspect, since i believe that a big part of
social relations is structured around multiple "rules" both implicit and

            especially when social relations between social classes is part
of the activity, and even more so when the power relationships between the
classes are involved. and within education, as with all social activities,
issues of race and gender should be critically explored, I'm thinking.

Phillip-could these rules be construed as values? If so, you have helped me
towards solving my problem.

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