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From: Mike Cole (
Date: Wed Jun 30 2004 - 08:58:04 PDT

Being new to the list (since April), and CHAT in general, I've been taking a
lot of it in. I have not read a lot of Vygotsky, Luria et al. and
consequently XMCA has helped me understand some of the fathers of cultural
psychology a bit better.

In the interest of mining new veins of conversation, perhaps this is a good
time to address one of my central interests: finding synergies between two
perspectives on the continuity of personal and cultural identity- the
"Culture and Cognition" school and cultural psychology. Some suggestions of
good sources on this topic would be very helpful.

Not to say I don't enjoy the XMCA discussions of current events- I'd like to
comment on David's point in a separate email.

Best wishes,

Andrew Babson

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