Davydov and Antonov

From: Mike Cole (mcole@weber.ucsd.edu)
Date: Tue Jun 29 2004 - 19:58:22 PDT

The Davydov and Antonov article Peter was asking about is, for the moment,
at xmca/reviews. That is a wrong location, it should be under papers for
discussion where it will probable get moved to tomorrow. Meantime, its wher
e it is for those with a special interest.,

Also, we have posted LCHC (1983) article on culture and cognition from the
1983 Handbook of Child Psychology. I recommend it not just for its
antiquarian interest. There you will be interested in the list of participants
and the discussion of context specificity and how one might conceive of
escaping total non-transfer without evoking notions that depend upon
internalized carrying of knowledge in the head.

There is some resonance with the ongoing discussion of Galperin, but
also of the issue of transfer which has come up in other discussions.

Glad to see the discussion of Arievitch begin. I have been learning a lot
as a lurker!

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