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From: Angel Lin (
Date: Fri Jun 25 2004 - 11:57:44 PDT

Interesting Mike; I don't object to the categories but whenever I'm asked to
answer #2 (country), I hesitate and don't know what to write down; I'll
usually just write down Hong Kong :)! angel lin

>===== Original Message From Ana Marjanovic-Shane <> =====
>I would also ad a primary language (languages) one speaks as a voluntary
>information. Sometimes the country is not enough to know that -- and it
>might be interesting to know how many tools of communication and
>thinking we bring to this community. Mm?
>Mike Cole wrote:
>>OK by me to add gender, country and ethnicity, Nancy. Some people might
>>objects to #1 and #3 and figure that #2 will be obvious from the other
>>info. Lets see.

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