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Date: Mon Jun 21 2004 - 08:19:10 PDT

My students find Kozulin very clear. I expain to them that he has
internalized the English style of discourse. (No, seriously, I teach them
why Russian and German and French expository discourse seems hard for
English speakers--I mean the literal translations.)

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I came across a similar quote in the article by
DiPardo and Potter in the Kozulin book which my students read for the class.
DiPardo et al cite Thought and Language (1986) page 252. The quote they have
is "Thought is engendered by motivation, i.e., by our desires and needs, our
interests and emotions. Behind every thought there is an
affective-volitonal tendency, which holds the answer to the last 'why' in
the analysis of thinking."

I left my copy of Thought and Language at the office
so couldn't look it up myself.
Hope it helps.

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From: (Mike Cole)
Date: Saturday, June 19, 2004 6:00 pm
Subject: source of thought

> A student has asked me for the source of the following quotation
> which he
> believes is from Vygotsky, *Thought and Language/Speech*. I have
> been looking
> but have not found it. Can anyone help?
> mke
> i
> 0--------
> "Thought is not begotten by thought; it is engendered by
> motivation, i.e.,
> by our desires and our needs, our interests and emotion. Behind every
> thought there is an affective-volitional tendency, which holds the
> answerto the last 'why' in the analsysis of thinking."

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