bias and concealed weapons

From: Ares, Nancy (
Date: Fri Jun 11 2004 - 10:51:01 PDT

Utah's legislature has been trying to pass laws that allow concealed weapons
in schools, churches, and court buildings. The Univ. of Utah refused to
allow concealed weapons on campus, and was taken to court. Justices in
the Federal court building in Salt Lake City also refused to allow guns
in the building, and had to justify their actions by appealing to some
special provision in a little-known regulation.

curiouser and curiouser!

Jay Lemke wrote:
tells the story of how Wisconsin gun enthusiasts and libertarian (if that's
the right word) Republicans in the Wisconsin legistlature came within one
vote of over-riding the governor's veto of a bill actually passed by both
houses of the legislature TO MAKE IT LEGAL TO CARRY CONCEALED WEAPONS in
the state, reversing law and policy that dates from 1873.

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