RE: bias: help is really needed in Wisconsin

From: Jay Lemke (
Date: Fri Jun 11 2004 - 09:59:13 PDT

I really could not find the voting booth ...

so I did a Google search, and found something else ... same place, much

tells the story of how Wisconsin gun enthusiasts and libertarian (if that's
the right word) Republicans in the Wisconsin legistlature came within one
vote of over-riding the governor's veto of a bill actually passed by both
houses of the legislature TO MAKE IT LEGAL TO CARRY CONCEALED WEAPONS in
the state, reversing law and policy that dates from 1873.

This is presumably not for hunting, though the website is a hunter's
information site. They say it is for the right of self-defense. I guess if
you are going to be attacked by a moose in Wisconsin, it's better if you
keep your hunting rifle concealed under your coat.

Or maybe if you can conceal your weapons you can sneak into the areas
reserved for native americans to hunt, since they are all busy now getting
rich off casino gambling anyway.

Or maybe if you go to one of those casinos and get attacked by bad luck,
you need to have a concealed weapon to make sure the native americans don't
get to keep the hard-earned money you made by poaching on their tribal lands?

America is a strange place. Certainly not a place that has any business
telling the rest of the world about human rights and moral values.


PS. Some sentences in this posting are meant to be read with a tone
somewhere beyond irony.

At 03:43 PM 6/10/2004, you wrote:
>eugene. The voting booth is inconspicuous, but on the left hand side of
>the homepage screen you will find a small voting apparatus. Thanks for
>posting the url.

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