Re: expansive visiblization

From: Me (
Date: Sun Jun 06 2004 - 14:39:49 PDT

In the beginning was the word (Bible)

In the beginning was the deed (Goethe)

In the *beginning* was the deed (Vygotsky)

Vygotsky then adds of course that the word crowns the deed.

  Mike Cole wrote:
> I just came across a reference to a paper of Yrjo's that is very relevant
> the conversation about externalization/internalization (after all,
> in the beginning was the act, right?).
> :-)
> Engestrom, Y. (1999). Expansive visibilization of work: An activity-theoretical
> perspective. *Computer supported collaborative work, 8, 63-93. Perhaps we can
> discuss that in the fall and get Yrjo to post a draft for joint access.
> mike

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