Re: re brains and culture

Date: Thu Jun 03 2004 - 17:14:32 PDT

As the coeditor of the book Mike mentioned, I'd like to use the
occasion to say something more about it. The book is, indeed, about
tools and intelligence (broadly understood) and it includes
contributios by Mike, David Olson, Gavriel Salomon, David Perkins,
Patricia Greenfield and collaborators, Susanne Lajoie, Carlos Diaz-
Canepa, jean Michel Hoc, Bob Sternberg, R. Nickerson, myself, among
others. The preface was written by Jerry Bruner. It should go to press
soon. It is indeed a cultural psychoogical book that would be of
interest to all the participants in this forum.

Quoting Mike Cole <>:

> Peter and anyone else interested. Peggy has posted a draft of a paper
> that
> Jan Derry and I wrote for a book to be Edited by Robert Sternberg
> on
> tools and intelligence. In the article we include a discussion of
> the
> work on Japanese abacus experts and the brain dynamics associated
> with
> their special practice and skill. I think its an easily accessible
> example and I am working on collecting more but have not had time to
> write them up.
> mike
> PS-- Panowsky and Daniels are both at xmca archives, access coming
> with
> the territory.

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