Re: another view of Panofsky: what is "habitus"?

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Habitus is a concept from Thomas Aquina.
It is a disposition of a person or a faculty, which is the opposite of
potential ability.
There are inherited habitus and acquired habitus.
Science may be understood as an acquired habitus, which makes brain's
activity easy.
A person develops different habitus during his life. Art is also an habitus.
Habitus can be seen between act and potency (power of acting, which needs to
be put in action)
A person, who has never studied math, has only the capacity of learning,
this is an habitus.
These and other ideas can be found in Thomas Aquin's works. Bourdieu' s view
of habitus is very close to Thomas Aquin's explanation.

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I am struggling with the concept of "habitus." Need help!
- Steve

>Phil wrote:
>[Habitus] make distinctions between what is good and what is bad, between
>what is right and what is wrong, between what is distinguished and what is
>vulgar, and so forth, but the distinctions are not identical.the same
>behaviour.can appear distinguished to one person, pretentious to someone
>else, and cheap or showy to yet another. Bourdieu, 1998, p. 8 [Practical

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