Re: another view of Panofsky

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Mon May 31 2004 - 13:50:19 PDT

Nancy-- Social relations and artifacts are not at the same point in Engestrom's

Picking up on the Panowsky point and leaving aside brain/enviormenet question
for the moment. I was actually wondering what would happen to analysis if
gender were to replace class in the analysis. From the work of Serbin to the
present day the operations of gender biases is pandemic in the schools. We
have a Troudeau cartoon about it in our textbook.

But there's lots to talk about in the Panowsky artical. The resurrection of
Rist and those working 30 years ago, including Bernstein, seems to be
quite productive. I hope the paper gets to the website soon so that
Phil does not have to send out too many copies on his own!

Voting booth still open on the next discussion. No one interested in
street kids, it appears.


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