Luria references

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Mon May 31 2004 - 12:37:57 PDT

Luria makes remarks to this effect in several places. It appears in Jim
wertsch's early book and Luria's autobiography-- the making of mind.

I am sorry I do not have an exact page handy. Some clever XMCA-ites probably
can tell you how to get it online. Luria is much on my mind when people
begin to talk about the new discipline of cultural biology, which people
in my part of the world, Terry Sejnowski, for example use.

Savage Rumbaugh is over toward your part of the country if I recall.
Issues of phylogenetic constraints on cultural development are a world
unto themselves.

PS-- For those for whom I am being cryptic. The topic is the relationship
between phylogeny and cultural history. Not two threads, I argue, but a
larger rope made up of many such threades (From Birdwhiltle and Barker et
al.'s use of the metaphor) united by human mental capacities is a good way to
thinkg about the relationship between biology, society, and the individual...
which probably sounds cryptic.

Its a good topic, and one that connects with Panowsky's article I think in
thought provoking ways.


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