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This new publication from the Systemics community sounds like it should be
of interest here:

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Dear All
The following has now appeared. Since the Continuum website doesn't give
the Table of Contents accurately, I've set it out below.

Williams, Geoff and Annabelle Lukin. eds. 2004. The Development of Language:
Functional Perspectives on Species and Individuals. London and New York.
Continuum. ISBN 0-8264-5758-4.

1. Emerging Language - Lukin and Williams
2. On Grammar as the Driving Force from Primary to Higher-order
Consciousness - Halliday
3. The Evolution of Language: A Systemic Functional Exploration of
Phylogenetic Phases - Matthiessen
4. Language, Apes and Meaning-Making - Taglialatela, Savage-Rumbaugh,
Rumbaugh, Benson and Greaves
5. Agency, Individuation and Meaning-making: Reflections on an Episode of
Bonobo-Human Interaction - Thibault
6. The 'Interpersonal First' Principle in Child Language Development -
7. The World in Words: Semiotic Mediation, Tenor and Ideology - Hasan
8. Two Forms of Human Language - Meares and Sullivan
9. Changing the Rules, Changing the Game: A Sociocultural Perspective on
Second Language Learning in the Classroom - Pauline Gibbons
10. How our Meanings Change: School Contexts and Semantic Evolution - Butt
11. Ontogenesis and Grammatics: Functions of Metalanguage in Pedagogic
Discourse - Williams

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