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Date: Sat May 22 2004 - 02:40:42 PDT

The following paper could be read with Panofsky's synthesis of some of
the ideas of Vygotsky, Bourdieu and Ratner.

I have a pdf copy if anyone is interested - I can send off-list.


  British Journal of Sociology of Education
    Publisher:  Carfax Publishing Company, part of the Taylor & Francis
    Issue:  Volume 20, Number 2 / June 1, 1999
    Pages:  157 - 173

Vertical and Horizontal Discourse: an essay



  The analysis in this paper has its origins in a critical account of
the sociology of education (Bernstein, 1975) where the various
approaches to the study of sociology were taken as the distinguishing
feature of the discourse. This matter was further developed (Bernstein,
1996), with the distinction between vertical and horizontal discourses
and their various modalities introduced in the context of
differentiating this mode of analysis from more 'Bourdieuan'
perspectives. This present paper is concerned with filling out and
extending the sketches adumbrated in earlier work in a more accessible
form. The model proposed generates a language which relates the
internal structure of specialised knowledges, the positional nature of
their fields or arenas of practice, identity constructions and their
change, and the forms of acquisition for successful performances.

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