From: Mike Cole (
Date: Fri May 21 2004 - 12:00:01 PDT

Thanks to those who guided me into downloading the chapter. I am still concerned
that we have no confirmation that this is ok with Panofsky.

there is lots to discuss here, Phil. but right off the absence of the work
of Harry Daniels points to an important place to look for work that
links Bernstein and Vygotsky.

And, re the discussion of Marxism that Steve, Victor, and others are
conducting, I wonder what to think of the notion of psychological super
structure. That terminology is reminiscent of the first chapter of
Psychology of Art, where Vygotsky uses (I believe) Plekhanov's version
of Marxism that uses the base-superstructure distinction.

To all interested in current Russian discussions about activity theory I
recommend checking out the march-april 2004 issue of J of Russian and
East European psychology where many relevant issues are discussed by people
who could either write in a Marxist idiom previously or not work.

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