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From: Mike Cole (
Date: Sat May 15 2004 - 12:14:34 PDT

Dear Mike,

I am writing to bring to your attention the International Congress on
Aesthetics, Creativity and Psychology of the Arts to be held in Perm
RUSSIA JUNE 1 - 3, 2005.
Please find attached the Call for Papers. The detailed information can
be found at the Congress web site I hope you
could distribute via e-mail listings and eventually add to your online
diary of conferences where interested colleagues and students may view
it. Kindly note that the deadline for submission of abstracts for
consideration is no later than November 15, 2004. If you have any
questions, please contact me by e-mail

As ever,

1-3 June, 2005
Perm, Russia

Congress Venue

The International Congress on Aesthetics, Creativity and Psychology of
the Arts will take place in the Culture-Business Center located at 14
Kuibyshev St. in the center of Perm which is within walk-ing distance
from the hotels where participants will stay.

Scope of the Congress

The scope of the Congress will include all types of empirical
investigations into the nature of aes-thetic perception, aesthetic
experience, aesthetic appreciation, creativity, psychology of the arts,
lit-erature, and personality. Papers, symposia, and invited addresses
are scheduled on psychology of the arts and literature, visual
perception and art, auditory perception and art; creativity and self,
creativ-ity and inhibition, the brain and art, music, architecture,
museum studies, methodological issues, computer art, and a number of
related topics.


International Association of Empirical Aesthetics
American Psychological Association (Division 10 - the Society for the
Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts), Federal Agency on
Culture and the cinema of Russian Federation, Perm Regional
Administration Russian, Academy of Sciences Institute for Psychology,
Perm Centre of Ural Division, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow State
University Psychology Department, The Board of Chancellors of Perm
Universities, Perm State Institute of Art and Culture, Russian So-ciety
of Psychology, Russian Society of Psychology Moscow division, Russian
Society of Psychol-ogy Perm division, Perm Institute of Mental and
Sociocultural Dynamics.

Congress Program

The official language of the Congress is English. All Congress
proceedings and publications will be in English.

There will be parallel sessions for oral presentations held during each
of the three days of the Con-gress. A 20-min. coffee break will be held
following four spoken papers in each session.

The Congress scientific program will consist of: (1) a plenary session,
(2) invited addresses, (3) spoken papers, and (4) symposia. The plenary
session, invited addresses, and symposia will be scheduled throughout
the program. Submissions are invited for two types of events: (1) spoken
papers and (2) symposia. Several sessions will be devoted to the work by
junior scholars who are younger than 35 years of age. Spoken Papers. The
time allotted for spoken papers will be 20 minutes; 15 minutes for
presentation and 5 minutes for discussion. Symposia. Symposia will
include a set of spoken papers in which participants present their views
about a common theme, issue, or question. The total time allowed for
symposia will be 3 hours. Symposia conveners should collect abstracts
from all participants. These should be submitted by the chairperson
along with an abstract for the entire symposium, the rationale for the
topic, the aims of the symposium, and a list of the participants. A
discussant may be included.

The Congress program is posted on website

Manuscripts for the Proceedings

The Proceedings will be published at the Congress. Each manuscript
should include: (1) type of presentation (invited address, paper,
symposia); (2) title; (3) author(s); (4) affiliation; (5) abstract, (6)
references (7) postal address, (8) fax number, and (9) e-mail address.
Please submit a camera-ready manuscript. It should not exceed 500 words
in length (word processor format, single-spaced, Times New Roman). See
additional information on website

Submission of Manuscripts

Manuscripts for the Proceedings must be received by the Program
Committee no later than Novem-ber 15, 2004. Manuscripts should be
submitted online. Use online Manuscript form on web-site


Early registration

The deadline for early registration is January 15, 2005.
The early registration fee is 150 EUROS. The registration fee for an
accompanying person is 70 EUROS. Junior scholars (less than 35 years)
receive a 20% discount.
Note: Convert the amount of EUROS according to its current rate in
American dollars.

Late registration

After January 15, 2005, the registration fee is 180 EUROS. The
registration fee for an accompany-ing person is 90 EUROS. Junior
scholars (less than 35 years) receive a 20% discount.
Note: Convert the amount of EUROS according to its current rate in
American dollars.

Registration at the venue

The registration desk, located in the Culture-Business Center, will be
open on Tuesday, May 31, from 1:00 until 6:00 pm for on-site
registration. It will open again on Wednesday, June 1, at 9:30 am and
remain open daily until Friday, June 3. The registration fee includes
the following: Entrance to the opening ceremony and to all the events of
the scientific program, a Congress Program, a book containing the full
abstract of every paper and invited address presented at the Congress, a
reception on behalf of the Governor of Perm Region, and a boat trip on
Kama River.

Online registration form

Please use the online registration form posted on website


Two confirmation letters will be sent to you before the Congress. The
first letter will confirm that your abstract (spoken paper or symposia)
has been accepted. This letter will be sent to you by Prof. Paul Locher.
When you have received confirmation that your proposal has been accepted
for inclu-sion in the Congress Program, submit a Registration Form and
make payment. As soon as your payment is received, you will be sent
confirmation of your payment status for the registration fee, social
events, and tours. Cancellation Policy Refunds cannot be guaranteed.

Assistance in Perm

A person affiliated with the Congress will meet you when you arrive in
Perm and help you get to your hotel by car. A student who speaks English
will be your "baby-sitter" daily. He or she will help you orient to Perm
city and the locations of congress events. An accompanying person will
help you get to the airport or train station by car when you leave Perm.
All assistance is without charge. Keep us informed about the details of
your arrival and departure from Perm until May 15, 2005. Keep in touch
with Leonid Dorfman by e-mail


Congress participants may make their own hotel room reservations or book
a hotel room via the Lo-cal Organizing Committee online. The later is
safer than the former. We recommend that you use one of three hotels.
Each is located in the very heart of Perm city and is within walking
distance from the Culture-Business Center where the Congress will be
held. Almaz Urala **** Ural ***
Use website for details and to make hotel

Social Events

Participants will be welcomed at an opening ceremony and welcome
reception on behalf of the Governor of Perm Region, and offered a boat
trip on Kama River without charge. A dinner (35 EU-ROS) will be held on
the boat. A Congress Banquet (35 EUROS) will be held on the evening of
June 3. Participants are welcomed to visit Perm wooden sculpture in the
Perm art gallery (4 EU-ROS). Tickets for the dinner, banquet, and
visiting Perm wooden sculpture in the Perm art gallery are not included
in the registration fee. There is only a limited number of tickets
available, therefore we strongly recommend that you reserve your
participation in the social events on website as
soon as possible.
Note: Convert the amount of EUROS according to its current rate in
American dollars.


Congress participants should make their own tour reservations. You may
take part in the following main tours (not included in the registration
fee). Overviews of Perm city. Kungur city and Kungur ice cave. The
Historical Architectural Open-air Museum of Wood Architecture
"Khokhlovka". Be-logorsky St.Nicholas Orthodox Male Missionary. The
memorial in honor of millions of GULAG victims. Use website to book tours.


Both EUROS and American dollars are accepted equally as payment for the
registration fee, to book a hotel room, and for all social events and
tours. You may make any payments using a credit card online or by bank
transfer. The credit cards "Mastercard/Eurocard" and "VISA" may be used
to make any payments in Perm banks or Bankomats in Perm. Use website to make any payment.

Getting to Perm

The official carrier of the Congress is Lufthansa. It is easy to get to
Perm by plane from Frankfurt (Germany), Moscow, or St. Petersburg. To
obtain flight schedules and book tickets online use web-site To get to Russia you must obtain a Russian visa.
For this an official invitation will be sent to you on behalf of Perm
State Institute of Art and Culture till March 15, 2005. You should apply
to Russian embassy or consulate nearest to your home. In addition, a
visa support letter will be sent on behalf of Perm State Institute of
Art and Culture to a Russian embassy or consulate in your native
country. The Organizing Committee will keep you informed on to de-tails.
We strongly recommend that you apply for a Russian visa no later than
March 31, 2005. We apologize for this slight inconvenience. Use website for details.

Important Deadline Dates

November 15, 2004 Submit your manuscript(s)
December 15, 2004 Notice of the status of your proposal
(confirmation letter)
January 15, 2005 Submit the online early Registration Form
February 28, 2005 Make online hotel room reservation, and
participation in social events and tours
March 15, 2005 Confirm your payment status for the registration
fee, social events, and tours
March 15, 2005 Wait for an official invitation from Perm to
apply for a Russian visa
March 31, 2005 Preliminary program
March 31, 2005 Apply to a Russian consulate in your home
country to get a Russian visa
May 15, 2005 Keep us informed concerning the details of your
arrival to and departure from Perm
Prior to June 1, 2005 Arrival in Perm
June 1-3, 2005 Congress
>From June 4, 2005 Leave Perm


Any inquiries concerning submission of manuscripts, registration, hotel
room reservation, social events, tours, payment, getting to Perm and
related information are posted on website Any
requests for additional information should be addressed directly to:
Prof. Dr. Leonid Dorfman Psychology Department Perm State Institute of
Art and Culture 18 gazeta Zvezda St., Perm 614000, Russia e-mail

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