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As promised, here is an update of Gregory Bateson related activities, which
is being sent only to those who have requested continuing information. I
will start with Corrections from previous emails; next update you on
Events, in chronological order; then fill you in on the latest information
on Publications. This email is essentially limited to new information. Full
details are available on the Bateson page at www.interculturalstudies.org,
recently updated. If you know of any other activities that we should be
including, please let us know via email at mcatb@attglobal.net with
BATESON04 in the subject line.

But first a plea. Some of you know that the Institute for Intercultural
Studies is already raising funds for conservation of Bateson's film footage
from Bali and New Guinea. I have recently learned however that many films
in the Bateson archive at UC Santa Cruz (dealing with his post-war work)
are in desperate condition, and need conservation urgently or they will
have to be discarded. We have also begun to discuss the need to digitize
other film footage and to clean up a number of GB's taped lectures so they
are usable and can be made accessible. For these and other expenses related
to the centennial, please consider sending a donation (tax deductible in
the U.S.) to the Institute for Intercultural Studies, 67A E. 77 St., New
York, NY 10021.


The list serve initiated in Germany is in English
The Online Bateson Discussion Group mentioned previously is an
English-language forum. To sign up, send an email to
maiser@erzwiss.uni-hamburg.de and include the following text in the body of
the message: sub Gregory_Bateson-List, but put nothing in the subject line.
For more information, contact Monika Broecker, monika_broecker@t-online.de.

Change in location
The Nov 19-20 Gregory Bateson: Multiple Versions of the World conference in
California has changed location from Santa Clara to UC Berkeley on the same
dates (see below for developing program information).

Corrected link
The American Journal of Semiotics web link has been corrected,
www.ssa-semiotic.org. A December 2004 special issue, "Gregory Bateson: A
Sign," is in the works (see below).

Cybernetics & Human Knowing published in UK
The international quarterly, Cybernetics and Human Knowing, is published in
England, not in Denmark as previously reported. Søren Brier, the editor, is
in Denmark and will be working with Frederick Steier (Univ. So. Fla.) on an
upcoming Bateson special issue (see below for more information).

Global Vision seminar on hold?
Global Vision's Middle East Imagination Seminar slated for July in Italy is
apparently on hold, as we have received no further details from them on its
particulars. We will continue to keep you posted via the website if that

Making GB E-list available on a limited basis
We will from time to time be making portions of this list available to
certain groups who wish to send pertinent information to you about upcoming
Bateson-related events. We hope you will let us (and them) know if they
intrude on your time with unwanted electronic messages.


May 15 Rome, Italy
A PDF version of the Circolo Bateson Roma's program I Cent'Anni Di Un
Pensiero Vivente is now available on our website.

May 17 London, U.K.
The Tavistock Institute and the University of East London present the
Second Annual Gregory Bateson Memorial Lecture, where I will be speaking on
"Learning in Layers: Pathology and Liberation" on Monday, May 17th in
London. There is no charge to attend, but places are limited and you must
reserve. Please email events@tavi-port.org for more information.

June 5 Easthampton, MA U.S.A.
The Center for Dialogic Studies presents a Bateson Centennial Event
organized by Lynn Hoffman with Marcelo Pakman and myself. There is a charge
and places are limited. Registration by May 1; contact Lynn Hoffman at
413-529-2102, or lhoffman2101@charter.net.

November 2 Genoa, Italy
The week-long European Festival of Science in Genoa (Oct 28-Nov 8) will
include a program called "Gregory Bateson: A New Way of Thinking About
Science," including my public lecture and a panel. Further details will be
available in early summer at www.festivalscienza.it and on our website.

November 2-6 Barcelona, Spain
The Centro del Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) presents Impacte
Bateson, a multi-day seminar planned as multiple dialogues among
participants examining the significance of Bateson's contributions to
various fields. Participants include Mary Catherine Bateson, William Irwin
Thompson, Alberto Munari, Lynn Margulis, Silvano Tagliagambe, Josep Lluís
Linares, Ricardo Ramos and Enric Massip-Bosch. More details to come;
contact Enric Massip-Bosch at emba@coac.net.

November 18 San Francisco, CA U.S.A.
A series of invitational sessions focusing on Bateson and his work are
planned for Thursday, Nov. 18 at the 2004 American Anthropological
Association meetings (which run Nov.17-21, with the overall theme of
"Magic, Science and Religion.") AAA scheduling is still incomplete but
details will be available on the AAA website by mid-summer. As sessions
become "official" we will post paper titles and speakers on our website.
Presidential Session: "Gregory Bateson and the Science of Mind and Pattern."
Anthropology & Environment section: "Bateson and Ecological Aesthetics:
Challenging Postmodernism."
Culture and Personality section: "Once and Future Theory: Next Steps
Towards Gregory Bateson's Ecology of Mind."
Films by Bateson will be shown at the end of the afternoon.

November 19-20 Berkeley, CA U.S.A.
The Gregory Bateson: Multiple Versions of the World conference has changed
location from UC Santa Clara to UC Berkeley. The conference's website,
www.batesonconference.org, will keep you updated on programs; confirmed
speakers include Mary Catherine Bateson, Jerry Brown (mayor of Oakland),
Tim Campbell (World Bank Institute), Peter Harries-Jones (York University),
Jay Ogilvy (Global Business Network), Wendel Ray (Mental Research
Institute), and Carol Wilder (New School University).


The March 2004 (Vol 4, #1) issue of the online journal SEED (Semiotics,
Evolution, Energy and Development) honors the work and life of Gregory
Bateson. http://www.library.utoronto.ca/see/pages/SEED%20journal%20library.html

The American Journal of Semiotics's December 2004 special issue, "Gregory
Bateson: A Sign," will include contributions from James A. Anderson & Janet
Colvin, Corey Anton, Deborah Eicher-Catt, Peter Harries-Jones, Alexander
Kozin, Klaus Krippendorf, Yair Neuman, and Marian Zielinski. More detailed
information on this issue is available on our website or by sending an
email to Richard Lanigan, rlanigan@siu.edu.

Cybernetics and Human Knowing, a quarterly international multi- and
interdisciplinary journal on second order cybernetics, autopoiesis and
cybersemiotics, will publish a Bateson issue, organized by Frederick Steier
(fsteier@luna.cas.usf.edu) and the journal's editor Søren Brier

Kybernetes will publish a special memorial issue in Fall 2005. If you are
interested in contributing to this Gregory Bateson issue, please email
monika_broecker@t-online.de. All initial ideas or papers should be sent to
her. Author guidelines can be found at the Kybernetes website. Due date for
article submission is October 31, 2004.

Giovanni Madonna's new book on Bateson, La psicoterapia attraverso Bateson
verso un'estetica della cura (Bollati Boringhieri) is reviewed on the
Italian website "Change" (www.counselling.it). For more information, please
visit http://www.terapiasistemica.info/larete/libri/madonna.htm

Again, we thank you for your continued interest. Please let us know of any
news, changes or corrections.

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