RE: Creative cruelty and responsibility: Photos from Iraq

From: White, Phillip (
Date: Mon May 03 2004 - 11:44:27 PDT

David wrote:

not only the fact that the pics were outrageous but the fact that they
were taken in a place where torture by Hussein agents was a common fact
makes the issue most ashaming and worthy of public condemnation.

    emphatically i agree with you.

is not the way, not only by practical but by moral reasons: you don't
want to become what you want to defeat.

     David, i think that we are what we want to defeat - while i don't mean this in particulars, i do mean this in general cultural movements - in a sense, the Geneva principles are cultural constraints constructed precisely because the cruel behaviors in Iraq occur more often than not. they are also principles the victors can use against the defeated -

Well, may be this has gone too much away of the purposes of the XMCA
forum, so I guess I should stop here...

        i agree with Eugene - we are what we do - we at xmca - individually/collectively - are no doubt protesting in multiple channels of communication.


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