New CHSIG Officers

From: Bill Barowy (
Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 11:44:36 PDT

Hi Folks,

At the business meeting at AERA there were no more nominations for any of the
three CHSIG executive committee positions, leaving one candidate for each
position. AERA has a pressing need to know who the new officers are, and
unless there are any objections or new nominations, the following folks will
act as our new executive committee by default.

    Ana Marjanovic-Shane

  Program Officer / Chair:
    Linda Polin

Treasurer / Secretary:
    Chrysoula Fantaousakis

I think the CHSIG membership has made excellent choices in this unique form of
election, and I would like to welcome Ana, Linda, and Chrysoula to our
governing body. Concerning gender equity, this is the first time CHSIG has
had a completely female executive committee. Chrysoula is returning for her
second term and will nicely provide continuity in the very important role of
Treasurer. Like those who served just prior to us, Judy D., Pilar, and I
will do what what we can to help make the transition to the new leadership
easy for Ana and Linda.

Sincerely your CHSIG Presidential Has-Been,

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