Request for your opinion on a Voting Booth

From: Bill Barowy (
Date: Mon Feb 23 2004 - 14:11:02 PST

Hi Folks,

There will be two items coming up to vote upon:
1) The CHSIG officers for the next two years
2) The CHSIG constitution

I've found an online voting booth (web site) that will enable us to vote
online with very little cost to the sig ($15). There are two features in
particular that it has to offer. The first is the Approval method of voting,
and the second is a method of voter registration. The former gives us more
than one choice for any officer. It allows us to specify preferences, hence
it offers a greater flexibility in expressing personal choice. The latter
will ensure that each member's vote is meaningful, as it will help to prevent
"ballot stuffing".

Below is the url, and I would appreciate your investigating the site and
sending me an email with your comments. Trying a sample vote requires
registration, and I'd appreciate your opinion about whether the privacy
policy is acceptible to you or not. In the past I've seen voting booth
websites come and go, and not be accessible when and where one needs them --
so your experience will be very helpful in determining whether this site will

And of course I'm interested in any other sites you may know about.


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