Re: Question concerning Vygotsky

Date: Sun Feb 22 2004 - 09:29:10 PST

Hi Mike,
That's interesting! My husband, an oriental Jew (who during the 60's and 70's
were considered second class citizens in Israel), was already at the age of 14
earning his living as a laborer, but he is highly literate and self-taught in
archeology and ancient history. He often goes touring sites by the dead sea
etc. and reads a lot on the subject. With all my University Education I
consider him far more literate and intelligent than myself - I never write a
course paper without consulting him. Also I have had the privilege of serving
my community as a librarian; the most avid readers and highly literate self
educated library users, where workmen (plumbers, builders etc.) of oriental
background; the most popular books among these clients was research literature
on archeology, history, political science, economics. In other words, at the
end of a hard day's work these workman use leisure for self-education. My
husband in his younger years tutored a 20-year-old who couldn't read and
write - he succeeded within 3 months to get her to a level of literacy that
enabled her to read newspapers and write letters. Another workman in my
community (a Jew from North Africa) has since his retirement been successfully
tutoring junior-school kids with learning disabilities. I'm presently
finishing my M.A. Theses on personal book collections and cultural identity -
one of the points I want to prove is that literacy DOES NOT CORRELATE with
formal education.


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