Re: Question concerning Vygotsky

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Date: Sat Feb 21 2004 - 15:54:08 PST

Alisa, exist an text of Luria about  Vygotsky. Luria describes his encounter with Vygotsky. I think what this text can help you about personal admiration Luria whit Vyg. The name of text in Portuguese is Vygotsky in English I dont know.

Joao Martins

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Question concerning Vygotsky

I have observed that a number of people develop an interest in a certain
discipline or field of research because of their personal admiration for a
certain teacher who is seen more as a mentor. My
Question is did Vygotsky or his students research this aspect of teacher-
learner relationship? If so, where could I find written references on this in
English or German?

Alisa Levy (Librarian & Student at the Hebrew University)

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