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Date: Sat Feb 21 2004 - 06:23:52 PST

It's great that the scientific community is standing up to this dangerous administration. Too bad the leadership of educational research (e.g., AERA) was unable to become involved in the coalition of dissent based on the Administration's tampering with our research infrastructure through dismantling of the ERIC system. Also, kind of odd that we're getting US news from the BBC.

David Kirshner

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Dear Bill-

Thanks for the info! I have heard on BBC that 100 US famous scientists wrote
an open letter of protest because of interference of Bush

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> "Across a broad range of public policy issues and on an unprecedented
> the Bush administration is censoring and distorting science-based
> that does not match its agenda. This misuse of science has serious
> consequences for our health, safety, and environment. Urge your
> representatives and senators to insist that congressional science
> investigate this important issue. "
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