RE: Leont'ev-Vygotsky controversy

From: White, Phillip (
Date: Wed Feb 18 2004 - 11:41:22 PST

     well, i hope that Peter has by now regained his frock - the notion of a gentleman academic running about the streets of Atlanta sans frock is a tad unnverving. (;-)

     other than that comment, i'd like to report that Eugene's recommendation of "Vygotsky's Educational Theory in Cultural Context" edited by Kozulin, Gindis, Ageyev & Miller is proving to be a great read! Thanks, Eugene.

     and, Peter, there's a very good article by Carol D. Lee that i'm much appreciating. thanks to you for refocusing my attention on her writings. She also wrote:

     "Chat... does not provide any explicit direction in terms methods of analysis. Discourse analysis has provided our project with analytical analysis..." pg. 406.

     i mention this as one example of a researcher's approach to units of analysis.


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