Re: Leont'ev-Vygotsky controversy

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Fri Feb 13 2004 - 12:05:05 PST

Peter-- Jim edited a book on the soviet concept of activity and in his
1987 (?) book has some discussion of the use of this approach. To get
at this issue would require (of me at least!) some time. I would want
to read Zinchenko again, and parts of Jim's early book on Vygotsky. I
would probably want to look at Engestrom's critique of mediated action
in context as a unit of analysis. I simply can't do all that right now,
but if I were teaching (and being on medical leave!) I would probably
get together a bunch of such texts and try to sort things out.

Right now I have the equally -- at leas -- task of trying to untangle
a mixed up literature about cultural, cross-cultural, and indigenous
psychologies where at least half of what I am reading is based, it seems,
at best, on secondary sources and the result is multiplying confusions.

Lets try to avoid that problem as much as possible here. Its not easy,
but it is important.

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