Re: xmca as zdp: a personal deposition

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Date: Fri Feb 13 2004 - 04:20:32 PST

Here might be one solution. Google Labs has a great little deskbar tool

It has its own browser window so is great looking up things quick and
not disrupting ones browsing. I use it constantly as a dictionary and

This tool lets one do custom searches. So, if one wants lchc - read xcma
messages - as a search one would put{1}

as the url for the custom search.

Now, anytime one has extra freetime just put in Mike Cole (or other
member) and you are off to the races.

PS: An unrelated yet interesting fable about Mouseland.

Mike Cole wrote:
> Nate. Try this interpretation. The google search engine is on the lchc
> site ( I miss-spoke. Since the xmca site is on
> the lchc site, it allows all the searching you like. "They" are either
> aging and technically incompetent, or providing labor gratis for the sake
> of NOT hiding things.
> I would happily entertain suggestions for improvements of both the lchc
> and xmca sites in ways that make it more useful to xmca users. I would
> at the same time be grateful for offers of help in implementing such
> changes.
> mike

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