RE: Motives and goals: Leont'ev and Axel

From: Eugene Matusov (ematusov@UDel.Edu)
Date: Wed Feb 11 2004 - 12:33:29 PST

Dear xmca-ers-

I feel very guilty for not replying to replies to my postings (especially I
feel guilty for not replying to Carol's postings, sorry Carol). I'm coming
out of my sabbatical and having PSSD (Post-Sabbatical Stress Disorder :-)
I'm starting my classes and I'm overwhelmed because of that....

Anyway, I scanned a few pages from a very good book on Vygotsky by Jaan
Valsiner and Renee van der Veer (see attached). I hope this fragment
addresses Mike's questions. The discussion on this topic can be fascinating
but I do not have time now... (please have it without me and I'll try to
follow it)...

Take care and please do not be mad at me,

PS I'm afraid even ask what you think.... :-(

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> Eugene-- What are some articles criticizing Vygotsky for being
> Marxist written by Luria and/or Leontiev?
> What basic principles of Leontiev's activity theory contradict which
> ideas of Vygotsky and what implications do these differences have for the
> conduct of research?
> mike
> PS
> In soviet psychology in 1981 there are translations from Ukrainian bh
> (by) Leontiev students that readers may find interesting.

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