Re: Motives and goals: Leont'ev and Axel

From: Peter Moxhay (
Date: Mon Feb 09 2004 - 08:44:28 PST

> What are some articles criticizing Vygotsky for being insufficiently
> Marxist written by Luria and/or Leontiev?

A. A. Leont'ev, in his 2003 biography of his father, claims that
"until recently" he was proud that neither ANL, nor any other
student of Vygotsky, had ever criticized Vygotsky "in print."

However, he goes on to say that in 1998 a manuscript by
ANL, critical of Vygotsky, was found by I. V. Rabich-Shcherbo
in the archive of the Psychological Institute. This was called
"The doctrine of the medium in the psychological works
of L. S. Vygotsky (a critical study)," and seems to have been
written in 1937. AAL does not say in detail what was the nature of
the criticism of LSV in this article, but does state that "criticism
of Vygotsky at that time was formally required."

It would be interesting to know if AAL's account agrees with what
other people know about criticism (or the lack of it) of LSV by
Leont'ev, Luria, and others.


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