Re: motivation and context

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Tue Feb 03 2004 - 16:22:31 PST

Nancy. I am still back trying to organized thoughts about zopeds and
imitation, but I would like to reinforce a point you make:

The work that Julie referred to below reminds me of Lave's
notion of "cognition plus", where the focus is still highly individual, with
a little nod to local (very local) context. Even the concepts of task
structure that can be found in some motivation research (e.g., Ryan and
Deci) are limited in their purview.

Barbara Rogoff makes this point as well. And it clearly is related to the
use of culture as an independent variable rather than a medium. But note
from the ongoing discussion that formulating the issue in cultural=historical-
social-activity-whatever terms is no easy matter.

There are many articles by Vygotsky students on this issue that have appeared
in translated books and in the pages of Soviet Psychology and is sequel.

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