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Dear Friends,

For those of you interested in theories of language within a Vygotskian/Lurian
framework, Tatiana Akhutina (Head of the Laboratory of Neuropsychology at
Moscow State University) has completed a special issue of the Journal of
Russian & East European Psychology, including various papers she published over
the past thirty years. Her articles include: Mechanism of Speech Production
Based on the Study of Aphasia, The Phase Structure of the Speech Act...(written
with A. A. Leontiev), The psycholinguistic Analysis of Speech in Patients with
Dynamic Aphasia, The role of Inner Speech in the Construction of an Utterance,
Is Agrammatism an Anomaly?, The Theory of Verbal Communication in the Works of
M. M. Bakhtin and L. S. Vygotsky, The Structure of the Individual Mental
Lexicon from the Standpoint of L. S. Vygotsky's Ideas, Roman Jakobson and the
Development of Russian Neurolinguistics, L. S. Vygotsky and A. R. Luria:
Foundations of Neuropsychology.

Akhutina, T. V., (2003). Psychology of Speech and Neuropsychology. Journal of
Russian & East European Psychology. Vol. 41, Numbers 3/4.
(A selection of articles by T. V. Akhutina)

If any of you are interested in discussing ideas in these articles, Dr.
Akhutina would be interested in E-mail correspendence.

Dot Robbins

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