RE: measuring candidates

From: Judy Diamondstone (
Date: Wed Jan 28 2004 - 08:21:00 PST

> I have not seen that. I don't necessarily see Dean's stance on the war
> as left of center. Both the Heritage and Hoover Centers argue for
> similar positions against the war. If other candidates have moved to the
> left, it is more because of Kucinich and the Reverend (gotta love his 1
> liners).

no, i don't think so. as grateful as i am for Sharpton's one-liners and
Kucinich's poisitions, i know that neither of them was perceived as a
'serious' contender -- not by the general public, and not by the other
candidates. haven't you noticed that kerry, clark, & edwards have taken up
dean's lines? i'm sure i could dig up evidence of kerry's shift, & maybe
john edwards' too, but i have to refocus on other things now. j-

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