professional development course

From: Judy Diamondstone (
Date: Mon Jan 26 2004 - 06:38:27 PST

It is time to send applications for the mini-course to Bill Barowy and/or

To register for the course, go to the AERA website (, click on
2004 annual meeting, click on professional development & training course, &
download the form (it may be possible to register online). Cost is $30.00

I am sorry that we have to limit the number of one-on-one sessions with
instructors; if you are on this discussion list, you likely can count
yourself "advanced" in CHAT. We may not get 12-15 applications for 1:1
sessions, but if we get more than that, we will choose based on match with
instructors and first come first serve -- so try to get an application to us
within the next few weeks.

For application to a 1:1 session with instructor(s) of your choice, send
        3-5 page description of your work (question, data sources, methods)
        AND a set of CHAT-related QUESTIONS derived from what you're doing
        &/OR a bit of exemplary or problematic DATA.
Also, if you know with whom you'd like to work send name(s) of

Please ADVERTISE the course in your departments & with colleagues in other
departments & students.

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