Who's right?

From: Bill Barowy (wbarowy@attbi.com)
Date: Sun Jan 25 2004 - 21:08:59 PST

Eugene's correct and Nate's correct. There needs to be more than two
dimensions, so if we add a dimension as Eugene suggests, say of
"impetuosity", Dean and Bush are even closer together, as Nate maintains. We
find ourselves in the position of making a forced choice in which a legendary
and fictitious winged and animated creature that Judy introduces, becomes an

Going that far, I would at least propose Bugs Bunny, who explicitly admits to
being "a real stinker". Well versed in the classics (e.g. see "the rabbit of
Seville" and "Rhapsody Rabbit"), he also relates to the underprivilidged
(e.g. see "Hillbilly Hare"), is versatile in athletics (e.g. "Baseball
Bugs"). Bugs did not dodge the draft while skiing in Colorado (e.g. "Forward
March Hare") , and knows the South (e.g. "Mississippi Hare"), while
controlling his temper "From Hare to Heir" . He knows the country's history
"Bunker Hill Bunny" and understands the fundamentals of democracy "Ballot Box
Bunny", What convinces me, however is his work in "Bill of Hare" and "This
Is A Life?".


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