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From: Eugene Matusov (
Date: Sun Jan 25 2004 - 15:03:28 PST

Dear everybody-

Dean's infamous yeargh speech after his somewhat poor performance in Iowa
reminded me wrestling. Thanks to my son, I had to watch wrestling for
several years. Maybe because of this experience, I was not alienated by his
macho yeargh. He sounded like a wrestler, like Rick Flair (for those who
knows him). I wonder if people who watch wrestling have similar feelings...
Dean's yeargh, like wrestling, has gender and class flavor (back to our
discussion of emotions)... It is very working class male yeargh...

What do you think?

PS Several years ago my son designed a website for kids from Latin American
Center where I work. The site has been inactive for long time by now but you
may find a spirit of wrestling it captures...

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> > exactly like it, I think I might settle on calling it "yeargh".
> I thought it was my New England ear, but after listening carefully, I
> your spelling is better. I don't see the mp3 collection as a new
> -- creative mixes go back even further than the birth of techno, and as
> hosting website proclaims, the mixes don't necessarily diss, but show an
> understanding of the personality as human. It's an enlightening website.
> Thanks to David!

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