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Date: Sun Jan 25 2004 - 08:03:32 PST


You are of course correct, most of the remixes are
made by fans and I suspect most of the visitors are

For more of a diss, but probally less of a remix, here
are a few sites.

Union Speech Parody

Not all Personal Attacks are Bad has some great animation. I put my
favorite one on my site.


--- Bill Barowy <> wrote:
> On Saturday 24 January 2004 9:18 pm, N*** wrote:
> > exactly like it, I think I might settle on calling
> it "yeargh".
> I thought it was my New England ear, but after
> listening carefully, I think
> your spelling is better. I don't see the mp3
> collection as a new phenomenon
> -- creative mixes go back even further than the
> birth of techno, and as the
> hosting website proclaims, the mixes don't
> necessarily diss, but show an
> understanding of the personality as human. It's an
> enlightening website.
> Thanks to David!

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The flag is only a symbol of the fact that man is still a herd animal.

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