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Hi Folks,

I apologize for not puuting the proposed constitution & bylaws into email text
to make sure it is accessible. Here it is now, below. Your comments,
suggestions, criticisms are more than welcome. Silence sends a message too,
although an all too ambiguous one.


Constitution and Bylaws of the Cultural-Historical Research Special Interest
Group (CHSIG)

Article I. Name
The name of the special interest group is Cultural-Historical Research Special
Interest Group hereafter referred to as CHSIG, an integral organization of
the American Educational Research Association.

Article II. Objectives
The primary objective of the Cultural-Historical Research special interest
group is to promote educational research founded upon the concepts of
culturally and historically mediated action and development. Through yearly
meetings, electronic and paper communications, the CHSIG will encourage
researchers to pursue scholarly work through the exchange of theoretical,
empirical, and practical information, transformative and evaluative
methodologies, by dissemination of research findings, and by promoting
communication and collaboration among student, faculty, and independent

Article III. Constitution
The purpose of this Constitution is to promote the mission of the CHSIG
through democratic participation in governance and the amendment of
governance. Its form makes manifest the CHSIG history and its function is to
guide democratic participation. The articles of ratification and amendment
aim to ensure that the constitution will function as a living document to
address continuing CHSIG developments and emergent needs.

Article IV. Ratification
This Constitution may be ratified by a majority vote of the active members
replying by mail ballot.

Article V. Amendments
This Constitution may be amended by a 2/3 majority vote of the active members
replying by mail ballot or by an electronic means that provides for voter
certification. The notice of the proposed amendment shall be given to all
members at least three months prior to balloting.

Article VI. Quorum
Quorum for a meeting or vote shall be greater than 50% of the Membership.

Article VII. Membership
Membership shall be open to all persons interested in the CHSIG mission. Such
persons shall become members upon payment of dues. The CHSIG shall not
discriminate on on the basis of sex, race, sexual orientation,
socioeconomic status, religion, ethnicity, age, marital status, national
origin, size or disability.

Article VIII. Fiscal Periods
A. The fiscal accounting year shall be from the first day following the annual
meeting to the first day following the succeeding annual meeting.
B. Membership records will be maintained on a fiscal year basis.

Article IX. Meetings and Activities
An annual business meeting shall be held in conjunction with the AERA Annual
Conference or as scheduled by CHSIG Officers. Ad Hoc meetings and additional
activities that support the CHSIG mission may be scheduled at the discretion
of the CHSIG Officers .

Article X. Officers
The core officers of this CHSIG will include the following: President, (or
Co-Presidents), Program Officer, and Treasurer/Membership Coordinator.
Officers will each serve two years. Officers shall be elected bi-annually by
the general membership. Officers of the CHSIG may be removed from office for
failure to perform the duties of the office by a majority vote called for
through mail notification or electronic means.

Article XI. Bylaws
Activities of the CHSIG will be in accordance with its Bylaws.

Section 1. Membership Dues
a. Dues shall be reviewed and set annually by the CHSIG Treasurer in
coordination with the President and Program Officer.
b. The amount established shall apply for a term of one or multiple years
according to the amount set when dues are paid.

Section 2. Nominations and Elections
a. All officers shall be elected by active members either through mail vote or
by an electronic means that provides for voter certification as required by
the Approval System of Voting.
b. Only members of the CHSIG in good standing shall be eligible to become
d. The officers will coordinate the preparation and distribution of the
ballots to all members no later than 30 days prior to the election date.
e. The officers will receive the completed ballots.
f. The officers and a member not on the current slate of candidates shall
count and certify the ballots. Any officer on the current slate of candidates
shall not participate in the ballot count.
g. All votes of the membership shall use the Approval System of Voting. The
Approval System procedure shall be such that each voter shall vote for as
many or as few candidates as the voter chooses. For each elected seat, each
voter may vote at most once per candidate but for as many candidates as the
voter wishes. The votes for each candidate will be summed. The candidate with
the most votes will be selected. If there is no first choice majority, an ad
hoc meeting of the CHSIG Officers will determine the process for resolution,
ensuring a fair outcome.
h. An officer shall serve any one office for a maximum of two consecutive

Section 3. Duties of Officers
 The general duties of the CHSIG Officers are as follows:
• Coordinating review and acceptance of Paper Presentations and Symposia for
the AERA annual meeting;
• Organizing and conducting the Annual CHSIG business meeting;
• Authorizing the expenditure of funds;
• Preparing amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws;
• Orchestrating other activities necessary for the good of the CHSIG which are
in agreement with its Constitution and Bylaws;
• Maintaining records of the conference programs;
• Distributing to the membership any mailings of the CHSIG including the
election ballots and other mail votes determined by the SIG Officers;
• Counting ballots of such votes and elections and reporting the results to
the membership.
Presides at all meetings of the CHSIG; prepares the agenda for the business
meeting; oversees the formulation of policies and procedures for the CHSIG.
Program Officer:
Oversees the review and acceptance of Paper Presentations and Symposia for the
AERA annual meeting in coordination with the President; carries out the
duties of the President in the event of absence of the President; serves as
co-chair of the ad hoc committees, and fills out the remaining term of the
President should the President resign or become unable to fulfill the
remainder of the term.
Receives and disburses monies in coordination with the President and Program
Officer, Maintains CHSIG membership records including a current record of
dues payment and current mailing list; coordinates membership recruitment and
correspondence; takes minutes of the annual business meeting.

Section 4. Annual Business Meeting
All meetings shall be open to all members of the CHSIG.
a. The President shall conduct an annual business meeting of the general
membership at the annual conference.
b. The agenda for the annual business meeting shall be prepared by the
President but shall include the opportunity for members of the CHSIG to bring
up old or new business.
c. The officers of the CHSIG shall present reports to the members at the
annual business meeting.
d. Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the formal rules of procedures at the
annual business should such stringency be required to conduct meetings
e. Changes in procedural rules for the annual business meeting shall not take
effect until one month after they have been voted on and notification has
been mailed to the members of the CHSIG.
f. By majority vote of members present at the annual business meeting or by
majority vote of the CHSIG Officers any issue may be sent to the general
membership for mail votes.

Section 5. Amendments to the Bylaws
The Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds majority of the voting members of
the membership. A bylaw change shall be submitted by a mail ballot to the
general membership, or by electronic means, and shall pass if and only if it
receives two-thirds vote of the cast ballots.

Section 6. Committees
a. Committees of the CHSIG shall be appointed by the President in coordination
with the Program Officer.
b. The committees may include, but are not limited to, nominations, awards,
elections, membership, outreach, communications, and annual conference.
c. Only members of the CHSIG shall serve on standing committees.

Section 7. Vacancies in Office
Vacancies in office will be filled through special election, in accordance
with the Approval voting system.

Section 8. Selecting the Annual SIG Theme
The Annual SIG Theme will serve as an organizing principle for planning the
business meeting and for guiding the selection of an invited speaker.
Nominations for the Theme may be made by any member of CHSIG. The Theme
will be determined by a majority vote. In order to promote participation in
CHSIG under the broad scope of its mission, the Annual SIG theme will not be
applied for soliciting or reviewing the quality of proposals.

Section 9. Reviewing and Selecting proposals.
Review and Selection of proposals for presentation at AERA will be conducted
by blind peer review. A call for reviewers will be made to the full
membership by the Program Officer. The Program Officer will select reviewers
from among those responding to the call. The Program Officer will distribute
proposals to reviewers matching their expertise as much as possible. The
top rated proposals will be assigned to the available slots.

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