Re: ZPD/Chaiklin and Vygotsky/Bakhtin

From: N*** (
Date: Fri Jan 16 2004 - 15:33:22 PST

Thanks. I enjoyed reading it again. I thought Seth was
right on when he stated,

"Now that more of Vygotsky’ texts are readily
available, there is no excuse to continue to use
limited or distorted interpretations of the concept.
It seems more appropriate to use the term zone of
proximal development to refer to the phenomenon that
Vygotsky was writing about, and find other terms
(e.g., assisted instruction, scaffolding) to refer to
practices like teaching a specific subject-matter
concept, skill, and so forth."

I have to admit I'd be at a lost to find something
these day that isn't a ZPD.

I guess my question would be what does ZPD give one,
that appropriation does not. Actually reading the last
paragraph I thought of "knotworking".

ZPDed to Death


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