Re: ZPD/Chaiklin and Vygotsky/Bakhtin

From: Peter Moxhay (
Date: Thu Jan 15 2004 - 10:03:53 PST


Good questions! Referring again to the viewpoint of Russian learning
theorists who studied under
Davydov, even in early adolescence things get very complicated because
"learning activity" is
no longer the leading activity but still remains important. I wonder
how they would approach something
like second language learning in adulthood, where the structure of the
adult's overall life activity may be
even more complicated (and age-dependent?). It would certainly be
interesting to know if anyone has made
any headway (or not) in understanding _adult_ learning by referring to
an Elkonin-like periodization,
leading activities and so on. How is the character of adult learning
determined by the place of learning within the
adult's hierarchy of activities?


> Peter,
> ... For adults who are using their first language as a mediational
> tool for learning another language (i.e. where higher concepts are
> matured/already maturing), I wonder what hypotheses are being made?
> Obviously different to young school children, but what qualitative
> differences to adults?

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