Re: real and virtual worlds

From: Ricardo Japiassu (
Date: Fri Jan 09 2004 - 11:44:05 PST

"I think "virtual" and "real" realities are separated by practice (its desired or undesired consequences)." EMatusov

Dear Eugene and all,

I'm not sure of a so clear boundary between them. It's interesting to remmember here the example - also given by Vygotsky in Psychology of Art - that of masturbation's activity, and the role of imagination in order to get some pleasure with it. (Vygotsky is not so explicit as I am here, but that's what I think he was trying to say there: the real feeling obtained by imagination in masturbation). He talks about "fantasy" - and excitation. The link to masturbation is mine. So, wouldn't "virtual" and "real" sex, for example, be intertwined in a complex way in sexual practices - including masturbation?

Can you understand me?
That's really complex - and fascinating! (the link(s) between imagination-perception-feeling)

"Although there is no a clear-cut boundary between "virtual" and "real" realities, the fuzzy boundary does exist and it is rooted in practice and its consequences for the people." EMatusov

But, wouldn't be practice rooted in a no clear-cut boundary between "virtual" and "real" realities too? Specially in a postmodern fashion/approach?

"... I'd argue that the "real" reality is supported by the network of contemporary practices in its totality, while "virtual" reality is always only partially supported by this network." EMatusov

Contemporary practices' metavirtuality - in "virtual" realities - seems to me be supported by the hole. But I think I can understand the "cut" you propose to approach them. Although I, personally, prefer its "uncut" look - its hidden and surprising features. Nothing against "cuts".

P.S. Thank you for your claryfing explanation on gender questions in Russian.

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