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Thomas Scheff has lots of papers online about shame. Some of the most important are these:

"Shame and the Social Bond" (
"Shame in Self and Society" (
"Honor and Shame" (

There are much more in his home page at


Luiz Carlos Baptista
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  Can anyone tell me what exactly are those small range of distinct emotional feelings?

  Fear is obviously one; anger; I have heard that shame is in common with the animals; joy.

  Can people help me with this one?


  HI Andy,

  Thomas J. Scheff of UC Santa Barbara has written books on the Sociology of Emotions. He and her wife see shame as a basic emotion that is the base for violence at interpersonal and in inter-group levels.

  Scheff, T. J. (1977) 'The distancing of emotion in ritual'. Current Anthropology' Vol 18. No.3:483-504.

  Scheff, T. J. (1979) Catharsis in Healing Ritual, and Drama. Berkely: Iniversity of California Press.

  Scheff, T.J. (1990) Microsociology: Discourse, Emotion and Social Structure. Chicago: University of Chicago Press



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