CHSIG Constitution Draft Available here and now

From: Bill Barowy (
Date: Tue Jan 06 2004 - 12:45:44 PST

Hi Folks,

The latest draft of the CHSIG constitution is available for SIG-wide review
and discussion. We'll be looking forward to your comments, questions, and
suggestions to make something that best serves the needs of the sig. It can
use some work -- more eyes should pass over this document to sharpen its
focus and language, and broaden its inclusion and perspective. Your ideas
will be very much appreciated.

To see the document as a web page, open the following URL:

Or use the following URL to download the document in Microsoft Word format:

Or use the following URL to download the document in Open Office format:

I'll also attach the file in email if you prefer it that way. Just drop me a
note. Early versions of the draft were reviewed by the following CHSIG
officers past and present. Their thoughts, time, and efforts are greatly
appreciated! :-)

Chrysoula Fantaousakis
Eugene Matusov
Judy Diamondstone
King Beach
Mike Cole


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