Fw: Call for workshop papers: Activity Theory and CSCW

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Thought this might be of interest if it hasn't reached you by other means


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Subject: Call for workshop papers: Activity Theory and CSCW

> Please reply directly to: Mikko.Korpela@uku.fi
> Call for Work-in-Progress and Position Papers (deadline 16 June 2003):
> Applying Activity Theory to CSCW Research and Practice
> Full-day workshop at ECSCW'03:
> 8th European Conference of Computer-supported Cooperative Work
> 14-18 September 2003, Helsinki, Finland
> http://ecscw2003.oulu.fi/ecscw2003_workshops.htm
> The term 'computer-supported cooperative work' implies that 'work' is the
> primary unit of analysis in CSCW and 'computer support for cooperation' is
> subordinated to work. So the starting point for CSCW research and practice
> should be to study work practice in order to inform the design of improved
> support for collaboration, particularly by computer-based means.
> Activity Theory (AT) has been a recognised framework for enhancing design
> practices in CSCW and related disciplines for a couple of decades. In most
> cases, AT has been deployed as an analytical framework. However, the
> popularity of this framework has not yet resulted in many operational
> methods and techniques that can easily and readily be applied in CSCW
> design.
> The goal of this full-day workshop is to further operationalize Activity
> Theory into a practicable research methodology as well as a practicable
> requirements analysis and design methodology in CSCW. The participants are
> invited into discussing the applicability of the presented experiences,
> methods and frameworks vis-a-vis their own needs for research and design
> methodologies.
> We invite work-in-progress or position papers on experiences in applying
> Activity Theory in analysing cooperative work and designing computer-based
> support for such work. Papers are also invited on "design challenges" for
> AT, i.e. on cases were Activity Theory should be applied but has not been.
> Papers proposing further adaptation of theoretical frameworks to support
> design are also welcome.
> Send submissions (max 4 pages) to:
> mikko.korpela@uku.fi and heidi.hakkinen@uku.fi
> Paper submission deadline: June 16th, 2003
> Notification of acceptance: July 7th, 2003
> (early registration deadline is July 20th)
> Organizers: Mikko Korpela and Anja Mursu (University of Kuopio, Finland),
> Jacob Bardram, Olav Bertelsen and Suzanne B=F8dker (University of Aarhus,
> Denmark), Kari Kuutti (University of Oulu, Finland) and Daisy Mwanza
> (Open University, United Kingdom)
> --
> Mikko Korpela, DTech, Research Director, <mikko.korpela@uku.fi>
> HIS R&D Unit, Kuopio Centre for IT Education and Research CENTEK
> (Healthcare Information Systems Research and Tools Development Unit)
> Mail: University of Kuopio, Mt2/G4-008, PL 1627, FIN-70211 Kuopio, Finland
> Fax: +358-17-282 5566 Phone: +358-17-16 2811 http://www.uku.fi/~korpela
> Docent (Health Information Systems, Particularly in Developing Countries)
> Chair, Finnish Social and Health Informatics Assoc. www.oskenet.fi/tty
> Pgm Co-Chair, IFIP WG 8.2+9.4 Conference 2003 www.aueb.gr/ifip-isglob03/

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