Cultural-Historical SIG of AERA 2003 report

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Date: Mon May 05 2003 - 09:41:45 PDT

Apologies to those of you who receive multiple copies of this report, which
is being sent to all those who attended the CH-SIG business meeting in
Chicago as well as current subscribers to the CH-SIG distribution list. I
wasn't sure which xmca contributors were on the CH-SIG list. Many names are

If you do NOT want your name added to the CH-SIG list, please reply to me:

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Treasurer's Report for The CH SIG, Dr. Chrysoula K.E. Fantaousakis
Kean University

1. SIG Membership Dues are $5.00 per year

[AERA will soon have an online form for you to join a SIG or renew your
membership; we will let you know when that happens]
2. Current Balance in the CH-SIG account as of April 1, 2003:
  $1, 848.67


        * SIG Annual Membership Fees to AERA
        07/01/03 SIG FY fees = $150.00

        * To be deducted after submission of expense reports:
Conference registration fee AND 1 night hotel for invited speaker Dorothy


        * We need to work on this.... More to come....

 (Future expenses may include a CH-SIG dissertation award, and other)

Program Chair report, Judy Diamondstone

We were fortunate to have an excellent program this year. We were able to
co-sponsor an International Panel with Division G and a session on narrative
with the Narrative Research SIG, so that, overall, we had, IN ADDITION to
the business meeting presentation, 4 paper sessions and 2 paper discussion
(roundtable) sessions.

AERA wants to encourage co-sponsorship of SIG sessions. Next year, when
replaces the current online system will All Academic software (NOAH),
program chairs will have an opportunity to communicate ahead of time to plan
co-sponsored sessions. Individual proposers can also help facilitate
co-sponsorship by planning ahead, with related SIGs in mind (such as the
Dewey SIG, the Semiotic SIG, the Narrative SIG, the Work & Organization

The SIG officers were concerned this year that some proposals by
international participants received relatively low ratings by reviewers
because they did not conform to proposal-writing conventions. THE AERA
WEBSITE HAS PROPOSAL WRITING GUIDELINES. We would like more representation
by international participants on our program. For everyone, by following the
posted guidelines, you can help ensure a fair review of your work.

Co-Presidents' Report, Bill Barowy & Pilar Lacasa
Bill will send a follow-up when he is back in town.

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