Mind, Culture, and Activity:

An International Journal

Formerly, The Quarterly Newsletter of the Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition

Michael Cole, University of California, San Diego
Yrjo Engestrom, University of California, San Diego
Susan Leigh Star, University of Illinois
James V. Wertsch, Washington University

The format of MCA consists of four sections, the relative weights of which will change somewhat from issue to issue. The first category includes articles of general theoretical or empirical importance which go through a regular peer review process. The second category is symposia, which are built around a central article or book that addresses important theoretical themes. Commentaries are invited from scholars from different intellectual traditions and cultural contexts. The third category contains informal communications or renderings in alternative genres. These may include work- in- progress reports, summaries of e-mail discussions, poetry, etc. The fourth type includes book reviews and shorter book notes.

For those who are new to the journal, we recommend you read the Introduction to the inaugural issue to learn more about the journal and its theoretical stance and aspiration.

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Sneak Preview

MCA Vol.4, No.1, Winter 1997

Current Issue

MCA Vol.3, No.4, Fall 1996


On Interobjectivity

Bruno Latour

Michael Lynch Marc Berg Yrjo Engestršm

Macrodevelopmental Analysis: From Open Fields to Culture Via Genres of Art and Developmental Research

David K. Dirlam

Book Review:
J. L. Lemke : Sociosultural Approaches to Language and Literacy , by V. John-Steiner, C. Panofsky, and L. Smith, Eds.
M. R. Gover: The Embodied Mind: Cognitive Science and Human Experience, by F. J. Varela, E. Thompson, & E. Rosch

Back Issues

MCA Vol.3, No.3, Summer 1996


Teaching, as Learning, in Practice
Jean Lave

Orchestrating a Text Mediational View of Vygotsky
Ann Shea Bayer

The Voices of Design: Discourse in Participatory Information System Development
Toomas Timpka and Cecelia Sjšberg

If O-Ring Booster Seals Were Alive
Gary Shank

Book Review:
Suzanne de Castell: Literacy: An Introduction to the Ecology of Written Language , by D. Barton
Edouard Lagache: Educated in Romance: Women, Achievement, and College Culture , by D. Holland and M. A. Eisenhart

MCA Vol.3, No.2, Spring 1996


Using the Tool-Kit of Discourse in the Activity of Learning and Teaching
Gordon Wells

Learning as a Prosaic Act
Deborah Hicks

Learning to Make a Difference: Gender, New Technologies, and In/Equity
Mary Bryson and Suzanne De Castell

Informal Communications:
The Experience of Fieldwork, by Charles Underwood

Book Review:
Margaret A. Gallego: Beyond Technology: An Examination of Children's Educational Computing at Home , by J. b. Giacquinta, J. A. Bauer, and J. E. Levin
Mary Guavain: Child Care and Culture: Lessons from Africa , by R. A. LeVine, S. Dixon, S. leVine, A. Richman, P.H. Liederman, C. H. Keefer, and T. B. Brazelton

MCA Vol.3, No.1, Winter 1996


The Seven Flaws of Cross-Cultural Psychology. The Story of a Conversion
Ernest E. Boesch

How Instruction Influences Children's Concepts of Evolution
Mariane Hedegaard

Intersubjectivity Without Agreement
Eugene Matusov

Review Symposium:
J.D. Keller, C. Bazerman, B. Latour :
Cognition in the Wild , by Edwin Hutchins

Response to Reviewers, by Edwin Hutchins

Book Review:
Giyoo Hitano : Sociocultural Studies of Mind , by J. V. Wertsch, P. del Rio, & A. Alvarez

MCA Vol.2, No.4, Fall 1995


Reification of Artifacts in Ideological Practice
Naoki Ueno

The Social Construction of Reality in the Artifacts of Numeracy for Distribution and Exchange in a Nepalese Bazaar
Naoki Ueno

Social Rules in Practice: "Legal" Literacy Practice in Nepalese Agricultural Village Communities
Yasuko Kawatoko

Sociocultural Change, Activity, and Individual Development: Some Methodological Aspects
King Beach

Activity as a Mediator of Sociocultural Change and Individual Development: The Case of School-Work Transition in Nepal
King Beach

Book Review:
Courtney Cazden: Acting Out Participant Exmples in the Classroom, by Stanton Wortham
Book Review:
Jaan Valsiner: Psychology, Subject, and Subjectivity, by Charles W. Tolman

MCA Vol.2, No.3, Summer 1995


On the social constitution of mind: Bruner, Ilyenkov, and the defence of cultural psychology
David Bakhurst

Creativity as Mediated Action: A Comparison of Improvisational Performance and Product Creativity
R. Keith Sawyer

Voice as Communicative Action
Ritva Engestrom

Book Review:
Bertram Bruce: Computers and the Collaborative Experience of Learning, by Charles Crook
Raija Leena Punamaki: The Psychological Effects of War and Violence on Children, edited by Lewis A. Leavit & Nathan A. Fox
Honorine Nocon: Context and Culture in Language Teaching , by Claire Kramsch

MCA Vol.2, No.2, Spring 1995


Experiencing the Great Books
Stanton E. F. Wortham

Collectively Seeing the Wind: Distributed Cognition in Smokejumping:
Rick Jonasse

The Language of Human Temporality: Narrative Schemes and Cultural Meanings of Tim
Jens Brockmeier

Understanding How Children Experience the Relationship Between Home and School Mathematics
Guida De Abreu

Book Review:
Review Symposium: Cross-Cultural Roots of Minority Child Development
Bonnie A. Nardi: Understanding Practice

MCA Vol.2, No.1, Winter 1995


Cognitive Pluralism: A Sociocultural Approach
Vera John-Steiner

SYMPOSIUM: Anselm Strauss's Theory of Action
Susan Leigh Star: Listening for Connections
Anselm Strauss: Research Issues and an Interactionist Theory of Action
COMMENTARIES: Hans-Georg Soeffner, Kathryn Pyne Addelson, Norman K. Denzin, Kari Thoresen

Book Review:
Patricia M. Greenfield: The Significance of Schooling: Life-Journeys in an African Society, by Robert Serpell
Robert Serpell: Response to Patricia M. Greefield's Book Review
The Sociocultural Research Group, Michigan State University: Artificial Experts: Social Knowledge and Intelligence Machines , by H. M. Collins

MCA Vol.1, No.4, Fall 1994


The Primacy of Mediated Action in Sociocultural Studies:
James V. Wertsch

Developing Understanding of the Idea of Communities of Learners:
Barbara Rogoff

Immigration Without Adaptation: The Psychological World of Russian Immigrants in Israel
Alex Kozulin, Alexander Venger

Book Review:
Henrik Artman: Distributed Cognitions: Psychological and Educational Considerations
Susanne Bodker: The Computer as Medium

MCA Vol.1, No.3, Summer 1994


Studying Cognitive Development in Sociocultural Context: The Development of a Practice- Based Approach
Geoffrey B. Saxe

Constructions and Reconstructions of Self in Virtual Reality: Playing in the MUDS
Sherry Turkle

Strategies for Model- Revision in a High School Genetics Classroom
Elizabeth A. Finkel

Book Review:
David W. Kritt: Children in Time and Place: Developmental and Historical Insights, edited by G. H. Elder, Jr., J. Modell, & R. D. Parke
Richard J. Richard: Literacy, Culture, and Development: Becoming Literate in Morocco, by Daniel a. Wagner

MCA Vol.1, No.1&2,Winter/Spring 1994


Activity Theory and the View from Somewhere: Team Perspective on the Intellectual Work of Programming
Dorothy Holland and James R. Reeves

Irreveribility of Time and the Construction of Historical Developmental Psychology
Jaan Valsiner

Negotiating a Fusion of Horizons: A Process View of Cultural Validation in Developmental Psychology
Robert Sorpell

SYMPOSIUM: Arne Raeithel: Symbolic Production of Social Coherence
COMMENTS: Arne Raeithel, Susan Leigh Star, Niels Engelsted, Adrian Cussins

Commodities, Words, and Minds
Ray Mc Dermott
Stanford University

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