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[Xmca-l] All Stars and Beyond

I am not certain when the conversation of Carrie's description of the All
Starts program is to begin.
But David noted the article coming up in a recent message, so maybe we
could start?

I guess my first impression is that the scope of the effort is staggering.
Apropos of the discussion of social movements in relation to the sorts of
activities that dominate xmca empirical work, and Yrjo's ISCAR
address, what is being described here is an institution that raised 10
million dollars in 2015 and involves
a lot of teenagers/young adults.

The "teaching kids to code switch" from black<-->white as a framing seemed
like a way to address Delpit-style
critiques of the schooling of kids of color. Linking this to an imagined
future of fluid identities seems like an optimistic way to think about the
processes set in motion. Linking it to Vygotsky's point about the need to
think about how newness comes into the world.

I wonder how the strategies used in this work do/do not line up with the
cases that Yrjo talked about.