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[Xmca-l] Re: YouTube'da "Прекрасное далеко" videosunu izleyin

Philip I know that, that geography has been extremely painful for all the
 peoples who lived on it. Nazis and ours (= and yours ) confronted on this
geography. It is exremely tragic.
I think that Soviets, neither Lenin nor Stalin were curious about invading
any country before and  after the war. I think Stalin especially never
thought to invade east europe after the war. Rather he thought these states
a security for soviet union. Ussr did not force a real socialist revolution
in eastern europe. land property in poland  for instance. they did not
then i remember finland of 1917. lenin's decision for finland's
independence. another sign that they were never after annexions. but they
were later blamed so much of finland's invasion.
i think that neither lenin nor stalin were after exporting revolution.
sincerely, if i were stalin from 1945 to 1953, i would absolutely try
socialist revolutions in italy and france and greece.
i sometimes execute my extremely poor imagination skills towards humanity's
history in 20th century and dream that stalin  and cpsu have organized  an
armed proletarian insurrection in...
germany in the 30s. a successful one, a victorious socialist revolution.
i imagine that what an incredible historical act this would be to prevent
nazism from political power.
do you kindly think to the immense human cost which could be saved if this
could be succeeded?
not only 25 millions of soviet. but also germans. and french. poland. dear
jewish people.
and polish people dear philip. jews to be saved.
i imagine this towards past towards 30s and let me blame kindly stalin and
cpsu soviet and german communists not to succeed in this.
stalin has never been eager to invade.
never to export revolution. and even i find him not on the left in this
respect but rather on the right. he left europe for  for socialist
revolutions. a great mistake.
i think that today ukrainian people celebrate some things and among these
are some people who are really ukrainian fascists who resisted against
and this is the result of german and eu liberalism this rising nazism in
ukraine. isn't it? is it wrong that now in estonia communism is equilized
to nazism? just nowadays.
am i wrong dear philip? that celebrating of this bad communism is
equivalent to the rising if nazism in all this geography?
or because communism is the only force to prevent this other current
inherent in capitalism and liberalism and that there is no midway is a rule
of social development under capitalism?
it is clear: if we are not for nazism we should be for communism.
but which one?
i believe a much better one than the one humanity achieved and could
achieve in ussr in 20th century.
but the crucial thing is that we should move onwards beyond this
achievement. there is no such thing as putting aside ussr experience and
move towards a brighter wondruous future i believe.
it had and it will always have great human cost, i do not reject it and we
are, most of us from midddle classes, are not obliged to destroy capitalism
but to poorest masses we can not tell: hey, wait a minute, first democracy,
 then bread. how many years they will wait? endlessly!!! let's lie to them
that one day they will  reach comfort in capitalism.
no, we left this age behind.
i think that we are latest generations.of our species if we do not make
revolutions in us and china.
an anti leninist idea because of weak ring theory of lenin about
imlerialist chain.
but i am still a leninist and i think that we should tell to masses what he
said geniously in 1914: your weapons against your own capitalist class.
here my imagination towards past works again and i dream either french or
german working class to be receptive to this. mere preventing obstructing
of war with just one sentence.
one single sentence!
i think that celebrating dissolution of ussr anywhere means unfortunately
that humanity with its great goods and bads lost the last chance to save
human species on earth. to nobody capable of thinking is unknown the
effects of ussr dissolution. in science in education.
october and ussr stopped imperialist aggression againt humanity and now
with dissolution human society goes t.o where in france in england in
finland in western europe. it was ussr who stopped capitalist agression
towards humanity.
should really humanity celebrate ussr's dissolution!
i would like to really to listen to any mechanism inherent to capitalism
which could prevent extermination of our species.
we like it or not.
applied good or very bad in many respects by our own species,
communism is the unique exit,  unique salvation of human species thanks to
its social mechanisms which sincerely and at least theoretically work
towards salvation of our species. i think this science, social science in
its purest way.
so we now left behind the point where we discuss if capitalism or socialism
recognizes more human freedom, freedom of thought.
and we arrived which one will save our species. if you say, philip, that
yes, capitalism possesses those social economic political mechanisms to
save humanity, i, at this moment, give up my communism immediately for ever.

1 Eyl 2017 19:51 tarihinde "White, Phillip" <Phillip.White@ucdenver.edu>

> Ulvi, i think that it is fair to say that for some citizens of the soviet
> union, its dissolution and collapse was a time of celebration.  i'm
> thinking particularly of the three baltic states, Estonia, Latvia and
> Lithuania - who were all three invaded by the red army after Stalin &
> Hitler's collaboration pact.  Poland suffered as well, partitioned by the
> Russians and Germans.
> so i can safely say that when friends and family of mine who lived and now
> live in Latvia, these maudlin russian songs evoked satirical laughter, if
> not disgust.  after all, the russian language was one vehicle for
> russification of the Baltic states within the russian occupation.
> so while Bella says the soviet collapse is what it is, the meaning of "is"
> is embedded in a cultural historical context.  for some this is a period of
> grief, for others this is a period of celebration, depending upon one's
> historical experience.
> phillip
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> please tell me bella.
> did it reserve this dissolution and collapse which was mainly its own
> fault?
> if you will say that it deserved, i will admit it without any reserve,
> objection.
> thanks